Office Buildings, Condos, & Apartment Pipe Lining

We repair vertical risers with corrosion and pinholes using CIPP (cured in place pipe) technology.

Our goal from the initial contact is to identify the customer’s needs and develop a scope of work.  We cater to the owners and pride ourselves in providing our services with minimal disruption to occupants.

Pipe lining cost is always a factor when property management firms and business owners choose our pipe lining service.  No digging, demolition or construction debris means no loss of commerce or disruption to tenants.

We choose the correct pipe liners for commercial use. These liners have a minimal 50 year life span with no leaks, corrosion or root intrusion.

Property management firms, chief engineers, and owners now have access to the same technology that has been utilized throughout Europe for the past 30 years; CIPP.

CIPP is a fabric pipe that is 100% saturated with non VOC resin, meaning no odors. Once the fabric pipe is inserted into the failing pipeline, it is then inflated and cured. The pipe is placed back into service once the epoxy turns solid. Any connections are reinstated using robotics.

CIPP provides a 50 year minimal lifespan on the restored pipe.