Fire Suppression Pipe Lining

Fire suppression pipes often corrode due to inadequate, corrosion prevention water treatment. When they do corrode, they eventually leak, but the problem could potentially be much worse! When the fire sprinkler pumps turn on, the shock wave that travels through the pipe dislodges the corrosion deposits; this in turn, blocks fire sprinklers when they are needed the most.

Fire suppression sprinkler pipes tend to have more narrow diameters, than other pipes. Because of this, they are usually rehabilitated using epoxy pipe lining. This process first involves using high pressure and high air flow to blow sand through the sprinkler pipes to remove corrosion deposits.

Next, a special epoxy liquid is blown through the pipes, this coats all surfaces uniformly, and it is then cured by heat. Finally, the pipes are pressure tested and the process repeated to verify all leaks were sealed.