Jet Vac Excavation


Advanced Pipe Repair is bringing the power of Jet vac excavation to your business. Jet vac excavation, short for jet vacuum, is a safe, non-destructive way to excavate around utility lines and established pipes. Non-invasive, quick, and easy excavation is possible.

How Jet Vac Excavation Works

Jet vac excavation is a simple way to excavate beneath crowded soil. Modern commercial, governmental, and industrial sites are a web beneath the soil. Much needed utilities, drains, sewage, and supply pipes crisscross, tangle, and join beneath the surface. One wrong move could spell disaster. Damaged pipes are a serious snare. Instead of digging blind, jet vac excavation works around the problem. A pressurized water injector saturates the soil, making it a muddy slurry. At this point, powerful, truck-based vacuums suck up mud into a storage tank. The result is a smooth, even excavation that prevents damage to the lines already laid underneath it.

About Our Services

Advanced Pipe Repair offers a jet vac service for industrial, commercial, and construction purposes. Some of the uses of jet vac excavation include:

●          Exposing utility lines

●          Slot trenching

●          Remote digging

●          Piling hole excavation

Jet Vac and Camera Truck

The process of Jet vac excavation begins by pumping water into the excavation area. The water is injected into the ground, speeding up the process of absorption. Soon, what was hard packed dirt, clay, gravel, or sand is a thick, wet slurry. The injection process allows the water absorption to be carefully controlled. You won’t have to worry about turning your whole area into a mud pit.

Our camera truck is an added benefit to the jet vacuum process. Capable of viewing pipelines up to 1000' in length and diameters as large as 96', our camera truck is designed to do even more. Obviously, the camera allows us to record footage in a variety of pipes, including lateral lines. This helps us provide accurate findings in a timely manner. As mentioned, our camera truck does even more. The vacuumed contents are held in the truck until work in the excavated area is completed. After this, the slurry can either be dumped or returned to fill in the excavation area. Either way, this keeps the process clean. Better yet, it takes the issue of where to store the dirt off your hands.