Construction Managers


Construction sites are busy, dangerous places. Hitting deadlines and maintaining open lines of communication are essential for project completion, budget management, and worker safety. General construction managers must hold third-party contractors to a high standard to ensure the job gets done, and APR is ready to surpass those standards.

We offer the professional support and expert services construction managers need in order to complete jobs quickly. Our work is made to last, and we can help you navigate spaces with older pipes with less damage and greater speed. We offer a superior range of pipelining, inspection, and repair services.

Working as a Team

We understand that when we work with general contractors, we join their team. Construction managers have enough moving parts to keep track of without having to worry about utility technicians they bring onsite. From our first day on the job to our last, we handle work with the highest level of professionalism. You can rely on us to do our work quickly and efficiently. We meet deadlines and keep construction managers apprised every step of the way.

It’s for this reason that construction managers choose Advanced Pipe Repair. We offer professional services to assist construction managers from initial inspections to actual installation and updating.

Services Include:

·      CIPP

·      Utility Contractor Inspection

·      Epoxy Coating

·      Jet-Vac Trucks

·      Hydro Excavation

·      Video Inspections

·      Cross Bore Inspections

·      Large Diameter Pipe Inspection

Construction managers love working with us. Our knowledge of trenchless technology sets us above the rest. If you want to learn more about our services, contact us today at (800) 468-7668.