The Advantages of Relined Pipes

There are four main advantages of relined pipes. They are quicker to install than pipes are to replace. Secondly, they can avoid damaging your building while solving problems permanently. Lastly, relined pipes are a more cost effective option, making them perfect for a business in a long-term lease, or for a property manager on a budget.

1. Quicker turn around

The length of time it takes to reline pipes varies with the diameter and length of the pipe. Smaller pipes only take a few hours to fix. The faster the turn-around, the quicker you can get back in business. Even minimal pipe replacements will take a day, more commonly several days. Relined pipes get up and running much more quickly. Best of all, once the pipe is relined and the resin has dried, service can be returned to the line immediately. 

Given the nature of relined pipe repair, it’s much easier for this repair to be performed on your schedule. You can pencil in the repairs for off-peak hours or days when your business will be closed. The shorter length of time required gives you more flexibility.

2. Solves problems permanently

If you have a reoccurring problem with your pipes, just reline them. Relined pipes are stronger against repetitive problems like grasping tree roots. Relining the pipe replaces it without taking it out of the ground. If you have an old plumbing system that’s just starting to spring leaks, relining the pipe is a great solution. The rest of the pipe may or may not continue to deteriorate. You won’t have to know about it, since rather than fixing each individual leak you’ve relined the whole pipe. 

3. Doesn’t damage the buildings

Traditional pipe replacement disrupts a great deal of the property. Digging a trench through your grounds or your building really puts a crimp in business. Relined pipes don’t require a large access point. You can get the repairs that you need without having to damage the building. If you have a long-term lease, pipe repair can prove to be difficult. Even if it’s your responsibility to deal with repairs, the integrity of the building may have to be maintained. Relining your pipes will keep the buildings intact.

4. Cost effective    

Relined pipes eliminate two large causes of expense: time and repairs. When you complete a traditional pipe repair there’s a lot of labor that goes into it. The trench has to be dug. The repair has to be made. After the repair is complete, there’s still the trench to deal with. Just the digging adds in many hours of labor. While this is happening, work at your location will be totally disrupted. 

Once the pipe is replaced, there are incidental repairs that have to be made. Landscaping can be a large expense. Cleaning your business of all dirt and grime can also require a budget. Relined pipes eliminate these expenses as they don’t require digging through the dirt. 

The advantages of relined pipes are clear. They’re quicker, easier on your business, and don’t damage the building. Cost effectiveness is almost the icing on the cake.