How to Handle Intrusive Root Pipe Problems

Intrusive roots are a leading cause of repeated pipe troubles. Trees don’t care whether the pipe runs clean water or sewage; they’re strong enough that nature will find a way. Cracked pipes and pipes with roots growing through them and into them are a pressing problem. There are three steps that you should take to bring your intrusive root pipe problem under control. First, take out the roots with a DIY solution. Second, get professionals on the line. Lastly, consider how CIPP lined pipes can handle the problem permanently.

Try the DIY approach

If you’re hear a gurgling sound every time your drain clears or you flush your toilet, it’s an early sign that you have intrusive roots. Don’t despair. Get down to a garden store and buy some copper sulfate. Be careful when you’re taking it inside. It will kill the plants that you drop it on. Wash some down your drain or flush it down the toilet. This will kill the current intrusive roots, but all that’s really going to do is buy you time. The roots will more than likely grow back in time. Buying copper sulfate forever won’t do the trick. The roots will eventually destroy your pipe. Repairs are easier when the pipe is still mostly intact. Once you’ve gotten back the use of your drains you can start calling around for a lined pipe plumbing service. 

Hire professionals

CIPP professionals are a great resource for intrusive roots. Before any repairs can be made, they’re going to have to inspect your pipe. This can be done simply and easily. A camera attached to a long, flexible cord is threaded into the drain. They can check for clogs while they see what shape your pipe is left in. Extensive root damage may require different approaches. If the pipe is not yet utterly destroyed, merely cracked or misshapen, CIPP can be a great solution. 

Lined pipes are a better solution

Intrusive roots are a repetitive problem. One solution is to remove the tree that’s causing the damage. There are many situations where that’s not practical. The tree may belong to someone else, and is simply sending its roots across the property line. If they’re not willing to cut down their tree, there’s not much you can do. On the other hand, you may not want to get rid of your own tree. There are both sentimental and practical reasons for wanting to avoid taking an ax to a major feature of your landscape. 

Lined pipes are a solution that doesn’t involve killing trees. A new pipe is formed inside the old one. Cured in place pipe doesn’t disrupt the landscape to plant, and the solid-cast pipe doesn’t offer moisture for the roots to find. The solid, single pipe is also sturdy. It’s very difficult for a tree to break through a regular pipe and the lined pipe inside. 

Intrusive roots start as an annoyance and grow into a threat to your property. If you suspect you have intrusive roots, start by limiting the damage you can. Then call the professionals to handle the rest. In the end, CIPP is a great solution to intrusive roots.