Are Lined Pipes Better for the Environment?

Going green doesn't stop with a paperless office or reducing your energy during peak hours. Replacing things on your property is the perfect time to reduce your environmental impact. As long as you have to replace or rehabilitate your sewer lines, choose CIPP. Lined pipes are better for the environment and your business. 

lined pipes are less disruptive

Lining existing pipes is less disruptive to the environment. Unfortunately, digging a trench negatively impacts the root systems of many trees, plants, and bushes. However, lining your pipes only requires a small entrance and exit holes at either end of the portion that needs to be lined. Most of the time, this can be attained without causing significant damage to specific trees. It’s noticeably less disruptive for your landscaping as well.

lined pipes are certified safe by the EPA

CIPP is used frequently in government contracts. Lining rain culverts, for example, is much easier than stopping traffic on a freeway to dig up the old one and install a new one. The Environmental Protection Agency takes all large scale construction projects like this into consideration. The suitability of cured in place pipes for these large scale government projects has been thoroughly investigated. The EPA found that properly cured, properly installed pipes have no effect on the environment. Even in cases where improperly installation occurred, the leakage of chemicals from the resin was not enough to upset even the most sensitive of species in the ecosystem. The warning species, like the rainbow trout, were not affected by the leak. 

lined pipes are not prone to corrosion

Corrosion is one of the worst problems that can befall your pipes. A corroded pipe doesn’t simply break. It disintegrates. This allows the heavy metals to permeate the soil around the pipe. Anything that the pipe carried is now also spreading through the soil. This type of breakdown is really only common among metal pipes. The hardened resin or epoxy that relined pipes are made of doesn’t break down the same way in the presence of certain chemicals. This helps prevent toxins from seeping into the ground on your property and spreading to affect a wide area. 

lined pipes last longer

Finally, lined pipes also last longer than traditional pipes. Any impact that they do have on the environment is further mitigated by the length of time they’ll take to break down again. A small amount of impact, spaced out over thirty or forty years, is by necessity, not as big a deal as a small amount of impact that occurs more frequently. No matter which way you take it, lined pipes are better for the environment than traditional pipe repair. Read more here.

The EPA conducted studies on the environmental impact of CIPP, for years. lined pipes don’t leak chemicals into the water when they’re properly installed. Even in the rare instances when accidents happen, even warning species have survived without environmental impact. On top of that, lined pipes last longer than traditional pipe repair. With all the evidence in, the case for relined pipes is clear.