Five Ways CIPP Saves You Money from Day One

CIPP is a great way to cut down on maintenance costs for your business. If you can put together the upfront cost to upgrade your system from traditional pipes to relined pipes you can start saving from then on out. CIPP starts to put money back in your pocket from the first day—and makes changes that ensure you won’t have to shell out again for some time.

1. lined pipes are strong

Lined pipes are strong. They’re incredibly strong, even at the joints and intersections. CIPP is a great solution for common problems like intrusive roots. Where many roots are strong enough to break into metal pipes or worm their way through the seams, it’s much harder to do that to CIPP pipes. Lined pipes don’t have seams. Plant and tree roots have far fewer opportunities to penetrate the pipes carrying moisture. This strength means fewer repairs for you to pay for.

2. End labor costs immediately

When a CIPP line is installed, it’s installed. This helps to eliminate lengthy follow-up repairs. When you’ve dug a trench to repair your pipes, you notice that right away. The job isn’t done until that trench is filled in. This amounts to extra labor costs that could stretch over days. Once CIPP is in place, it needs a video inspection, and there may even be a small access point to fill in. However, after those things are done your CIPP installation crew can just leave. That’s great news for your wallet!

3. Push off wear and tear

Cured in place pipes last a long time. In some cases, thirty years or more. If you can upgrade a slowly failing system to relined pipes, you can push off these wear and tear complaints for decades. Literally, for decades. During that time, you can save the money that would have been going to ordinary wear and tear. Now you can start putting that money towards other things. Your system could even pay for itself.  Without wear and tear over the years, your system will be running strong when other systems would have broken down. 

4. Increase rate of flow

What if you got more water when you wanted it, and better drainage when you didn’t? CIPP is great for increasing the rate of flow through your pipes. First of all, it’s very slightly smaller than the host pipe. This puts a little pressure behind your pipes; just enough to smooth it out. It also leaves less room for air pockets. Smaller space and less air adds up to a higher rate of flow. This is great for convenience, but it also helps limit clogs and build up in your pipes. When everything is flowing smoothly, there’s less to get dirty. 

5. Less downtime for repairs

No matter what method of pipe repair you choose, you have to have some downtime. There’s not currently a method of pipe replacement that works while the pipe is carrying contents. When you choose relined pipes over traditionally replaced pipes, you cut down the length of time you have to be out of service. A quick turnaround after repair is key to putting cash back in your pocket. The sooner you can do that, the better. 

CIPP saves you money from the first day that it’s in the ground. Whether it’s standing the test of time, withstanding common repairs, or getting your business up and running a little bit faster, relined pipes are a sound investment. Choose strength, choose thrift, choose CIPP.