What Is Pipe Bursting?

Advanced Pipe Repair uses trenchless Cured-In-Place-Pipe repair to fix their customers pipes so they don’t have to deal with the drilling and intrusion of traditional construction trenches for pipe repair. Trenchless pipe repair is the repairing or replacing of pipes through the use of a machine that inserts a new pipe within the old one. This process is usually done from a rooftop or outside the building. Pipe Bursting is the term referring to the new pipe bursting the old one in order to replace the pipe on the spot. This method can be used for all types pipes: Sewer, water, or natural gas. This way your pipe is repaired right where it needs to be, without having to tear away its surroundings to locate it!


How Does It Work?

A strong cable is put at each end of the pipe with a ‘pipe bursting head’ attached to the cable. A strong winch at the one end pulls the pipe bursting head with the new pipe behind it through the old pipe. This allows the new pipe to break it and replace the old pipe.

Unlike many other types of pipe repair services, any pipe is qualified for pipe bursting. The diameter of the new pipe can be larger than the old pipe, even increasing flow if desired.  Another bonus of pipe bursting, is that the new pipe is stronger than one will receive with most pipe lining options.


Why Should You Choose Pipe Bursting?

Immediate Repair

Pipe Bursting lets you have your pipes fixed in a timely fashion so you can get your pipes working and get on with your life. Pipe repair that uses traditional construction trenches can you leave you hanging for twice the amount of time that pipe bursting takes.  With pipe bursting, you can have your pipes working again in no time.

No Noise

Hate the sound of drilling? Unlike some pipe repair services, pipe bursting is a quiet job that will not leave you wanting to get away from your house or business during the day to escape the racket. You relax and go about your day without getting a headache or scrambling for ear plugs.


No Intrusion

Pipe Bursting cuts right to the old pipe for repair without the digging of the grounds or wrecking of walls to locate it. The new pipe is inserted right into the old one so that it may burst through it. Keep your garden and home untampered with by choosing pipe bursting.


Pipe Bursting is the easiest form of pipe repair. Contact Advanced Pipe Repair for your damaged pipes today!