What is Trenchless Pipelining

Advanced Pipe Repair specializes in trenchless cured-in-place piping. Traditionally, installing new pipes consists of taking out the old pipes and replacing them with new pipes, no matter how many walls or landscape stands in the way. With trenchless piping, new pipes are inserted within the old ones. This usually takes place from a rooftop or outside the building. As the new pipes take the place of the old ones, none of the surrounding area gets destroyed in the process. Sewer mains, whether all of it or just segments, can also be relined.


Why Trenchless

The most obvious reason trenchless pipelining technology makes sense is that it makes having to destroy your home in order to replace your pipes a thing of the past!  But this isn’t the only reason to choose it.  There are many benefits to trenchless pipelining.

Less Money

Trenchless pipe repair will save you more money than ordinary pipe replacement, because it doesn’t involve unnecessary hassles, such as: traffic control, spoils storage, large equipment, site restoration, and more.

 Less Time

Without all the extra labor of tearing through the materials surrounding your old pipes, installing pipes becomes a much less time consuming service. Trenchless pipelining technology allows you to have your new pipes installed in drastically less time that traditional replacement could ever offer you.

 Less Intrusion

Trenchless pipelining does not require wrecking all of the pipes’ surroundings just to replace them. Walls stay up, beautiful tiled bathroom floors stay in place, and gardens remain peaceful and untampered with. In short, your home remains your home. 

Less Noise and Pollution

Typically, replacing pipes means having to listen to drilling and tolerating the air pollution that comes along with it, for days or even weeks. The process is known to be a very noisy, toxic, and all around obnoxious one. Trenchless pipelining doesn’t require any drilling so there is no noise or air pollution involved. Replacing pipes no longer has to be a burden. 

Less Surprises

Sometimes people do not want what is living underneath or beside their house to be dug up.  There is also the hassle of having to dig around existing utilities running through the ground when digging trenches. These underground concerns are irrelevant with trenchless piping. Trenchless pipelining will let you get your new pipes without any unknown encounters underground.

Trench-digging pipe replacement has become a thing of the past! Contact Advanced Pipe Repair and have your pipes replaced by the experts today!