Three Myths about CIPP Debunked

You may be like most people who would benefit from trenchless pipe repair, yet never look into it. You have probably heard one of these common myths and believe that CIPP won’t work for you. However, these myths tend be based on rumors. Learn the facts and make an informed decision for your next pipe repair. Cured in place pipe is a versatile, affordable, and well-tested method of replacing damaged or broken pipes.

1. Trenchless pipe repair is very expensive

The first myth about trenchless pipe repair claims that the method is very expensive. The truth is that there’s a wide range of overlap between traditional pipe replacement and CIPP. The lowest price for CIPP is often slightly higher than the lowest price for traditional pipe repair. The rest of the price ranges overlap. It’s easily possible to get CIPP cheaper than traditional pipe repair. The deciding factor in price will be the size and complexity of the job, not which method of pipe repair you choose.

2. CIPP doesn’t work for damaged pipe

CIPP is often cast in a preventative role. As the pipes in your home begin to age, switch to CIPP so you don’t develop problems. While it’s true that CIPP makes an excellent preventative measure, it can also be used to repair damaged pipes.

With CIPP,  a resin soaked cloth hose is dragged or pushed through a pipe. This hose easily passes through damaged pipes. It even covers holes or small missing sections of pipe. Once the cloth tube is inflated with air, the curing process will even help the existing pipe stay together. Partially crushed pipes can be pressed back into shape by the force of the air that holds the curing CIPP in place.

If you suspect extensive pipe damage, your CIPP installers will do a thorough examination to make sure that the pipe did not totally collapse. CIPP can’t pass through solid ground. If your pipe has broken so thoroughly that there’s no longer a way through, CIPP may not be the best fit for that section.

3. CIPP hasn’t been field tested

This third myth about CIPP assumes that the technology is new and untested, leaving you in a precarious situation. You don't want your home or business to be a guinea pig. CIPP is anything but new or untested. Trenchless pipe repair has been well-established for decades. It is slowly gaining popularity as its advantages and cost-effectiveness have been realized. As more and more people embrace CIPP, it becomes more of a household name. In time this myth will die out entirely.


Trenchless pipe repair is effective, minimally invasive, and versatile. Don’t let myths stop you from considering CIPP for your home or business. Contrary to popular belief, CIPP not expensive, will work for a variety of plumbing issues, and has been used for decades. A professional can assess your needs and help you decide whether trenchless pipe repair makes sense for you.