Why CIPP is Great for Older Houses

CIPP is a better than traditional pipe repair, for older homes. CIPP is the best choice whether your home is a classic or merely sturdy enough to survive the test of time. Using CIPP helps solves some of the recurring issues that come with an aging plumbing system. You don’t have to damage your home’s classic features. Cured in place pipe repair also protects your yard and landscape, so that old trees and original landscaping can be preserved.

Photo by art_zhu/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by art_zhu/iStock / Getty Images

CIPP repair solves reoccurring issues

Problems associated with owning an older house, seem to be never ending. The reason for this is that the house is aging, as are its individual components. Everything used to build the house is finally reaching the end of its useful life. If plumbing troubles have become a regular problem, CIPP could be the solution. CIPP pipe repair essentially replaces the leaking section of pipe that is causing problems. By forming a new, hardened resin pipe inside of the original, old pipe is seamlessly replaced with new.

If the plumbing system of your entire house is aging, then replacing it with CIPP is easier than digging large trenches, and ruining your landscaping. You can replace a whole length of pipe at once without the same level of trouble that comes with traditional pipe repair. If your plumbing troubles are caused by the age of your existing pipes, CIPP is a great option for replacing suitable pipes quickly and easily. Upgrading your whole plumbing system will be cheaper in the long run than fixing multiple leaks as segments of pipe break down.

No need to damage your home’s original features

If your older home is considered a classic, containing original or nearly original features, then traditional pipe replacement would be a nightmare for you. Digging trenches through the driveway or garden path causes a lot of damage. Additionally, gaining access to the interior of your house can prove difficult. Original floors and walls often suffer damage from being disturbed during a traditional replacement process. If you have to mimic the original style it may be necessary to hire specific contractors. This all adds to the labor cost and the overall time of the project.

Because CIPP doesn’t require moving earth, it’s a better option for landscaping, particularly trees. Old trees have far-reaching roots, and many are the indirect cause of pipe problems when their roots become invasive. Breaking the roots of these trees could destabilize them, or even kill them. CIPP only needs a small entry and exit point in order to replace the pipe. These entry points are easier to repair, and can be strategically placed to do the least amount of damage. Additionally, tree roots are less likely to break through CIPP pipes. Your ancient trees can continue to grow without risk to your pipe system.

An old house is valuable for its distinct features. Unfortunately, that means that whole systems simply wear out at about the same time. Replacing your pipes with CIPP instead of opting for repeated traditional repairs nips further plumbing problems in the bud. CIPP pipe repair also preserves as much of your home’s original features as possible. You don’t have to dig up the original, hand-laid garden path or ruin your wood floors when you use CIPP.