Why Lined Pipes Are Better for Sewage Systems

Just a couple of decades ago, an overflowing, clogged, or malfunctioning sewage system was considered a major disaster.  Thankfully, Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) technology has made sewage system repairs much easier using lined pipes. 

In the past, a crew of plumbers and heavy machinery was required to dig up the entire piping system, locate the problem, and repair it.  When the pipe was repaired, there was always the nagging question of, “Where will it leak next?”  Lining pipe for sewage system repairs eliminates the worry of more leaks, overflows, and clogs.

Lined Pipes Are Durable

Lined pipes are guaranteed to last 30 to 50 years, depending on what type of pipe was used.  If you have a sewage line with a leak that is repaired using relined pipe, you do not have to be concerned about that pipe again for a minimum of 30 years because the entire pipe is relined.  By installing an inner lining inside the existing pipe, the sewage problem is resolved and will last for decades. 

Seamless Pipes Are Effective

The liners used for pipes are seamless.  In contrast to traditional pipes, lined pipes will not corrode or rust.  By utilizing CIPP, you reduce the chance of future leaks, cracks, or clogsAdditionally, lined pipes are strong enough to block intrusions by tree roots, which is a common cause of leaks and cracks. Thankfully, seamless pipe liners eradicate this problem. 

Extensive Excavation Is Not Required

With conventional pipe repair, excavation is required to find the sewage system problem.  This method is time-consuming, costly, and environmentally unsafe.  If the pipe is already leaking sewage and the excavator is digging up everything around it, the sewage is being spread into the ground and released into the environment.  This can result in major health problems as well as environmental ones.  By using pipe lining, the problem is identified via a manhole or digging a very small hole.  A video camera is then inserted to locate precisely where the leak or break is in the pipe. After the liner has been placed, cured, and inspected, the manhole is simply closed or the small hole is covered and the job is complete. 

CIPP Is Versatile

Using CIPP technology enables sewer mains to be lined completely or in smaller sections.  Depending on the problem, the professional technicians at Advanced Pipe Repair can determine exactly how much of the broken or damaged pipe needs to be replaced.  Furthermore, lined pipes can be used on up to 120′ of pipe and on pipes with up to 90-degree angles or bends.

Go with the Flow

Lined pipes are the best choice for sewage system repair.  CIPP is faster, easier, less-intrusive, and cleaner than traditional pipe repair methods.  Lined pipes are also able to handle the sewage flow without any problems or chemical resin leaks. 

With over 25 years’ experience in commercial service, Advanced Pipe Repair fully understands how to address pipe repair.  Sewage system leaks, clogs, and overflows cannot be put off as they can be damaging to your health and the environment.  Call us at 800-468-7668, or fill out the short contact form and one of our professional technicians will respond promptly to get your sewage system flowing properly again.