Six Key Benefits of Vertical Roof Drain Lining

Leaks, tears, bubbles, and blisters are just some of the problems that occur in vertical roof drain lines.  Aging cast iron pipes have a lifespan of approximately 30 years. After that, they become worn out, damaged, or deteriorated.  This causes them to develop vertical cracks that cause leaks which will eventually cause building damage if not repaired.  

Fortunately, Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) technology has vastly improved the vertical roof drain lining process.  It is very effective at stopping leaks, sealing cracks, and repairing tears.  Using CIPP, chillers are restored with a new inner pipe that is designed for load-bearing situations and has a lifespan of 100 years.  

At Advanced Pipe Repair, we have the knowledge, equipment, and experience to solve the problems in vertical pipelines such as roof leaders, electrical conduit, and chiller pipelines. Using our CIPP process to refurbish your pipes, you receive the following six key benefits:

1.    Lower Costs – CIPP is typically less than conventional pipe repair methods.  There are two reasons for this. First, an entire crew is not needed, which saves on labor.  Secondly, walls do not have to be torn down, eliminating the expense of heavy equipment, as well as the cost of restoration.   

2.    Durability – The materials used for vertical roof drain lining have a lifespan of 50 years.  Because the liners are seamless, future joint leaks are eliminated.  After CIPP repair is complete, the old pipe acts as a protective shell around the new liner.  Think of it as double protection against the elements. 

3.    Fast Repair Time – CIPP technology requires only one or two holes to gain access to the pipes.  There is no standing around waiting for heavy equipment to arrive or waiting for it to tear down walls or floors when it does arrive.  As soon as the broken, damaged, or leaking pipe is accessed, a video inspection is done and the new liner is inserted. After curing, a final video inspection is done and the job is complete.  The entire process takes around three to four hours for a normal repair job.

 4.    Improved Flow Capacity – CIPP’s innovative technology smooths over structural defects and reduces friction which results in increased flow capacity. The liner is slightly smaller than the host pipe which puts just enough pressure on the pope to smooth it.  A smaller pipe also results in fewer air pockets.  A combination of the two – smaller pipes and less air – increase the flow capacity.

5.    No Damage – As previously mentioned, walls, floors, and foundations are not required to be excavated or knocked down when using CIPP technology.  This includes interior walls as well as exterior walls.

6.    Versatile Sizing – Vertical roof drain lining repairs can be performed on pipes ranging from 1” in diameter to 12” in diameter. 

CIPP Is the Solution

Vertical roof drain lining provides significant benefits resulting in a sound structural piping system.  If you are experiencing any vertical roof drain lining problems, call Advanced Pipe Repair at 800-468-7668, or fill out the quick contact form and we will be in touch with you promptly.