Why the Convenience of CIPP Can't Be Beat

Repairing leaking or broken pipes using the traditional method involves digging, excavating, heavy machinery, and many other intrusive procedures.  Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) technology offers the convenience of durable relined pipes in a non-invasive way.  As a business owner, using CIPP technology for relining damaged, leaking, or corroded pipes benefits you and your business; it simply cannot be beat.

 It’s Cost-Efficient

Conventional pipe repair consists of renting heavy machinery for the digging or excavation process as well as paying for the operational costs of this machinery.  When heavy equipment is used for excavation, paying a contractor to repair and restore the property’s landscape or repave the asphalt is another incurred expense. Furthermore, CIPP lining technicians can reline pipes in significantly less time than any other traditional method.  This results in less billable hours and repair costs.  Comparing CIPP and traditional pipe repair reveals that CIPP is less expensive in the long run due to its lifespan and quality of the materials used. 

It’s Non-Disruptive

In the unfortunate event one of your pipes has a leak or break, CIPP provides a much quieter, non-damaging method of repair.  There is no loud equipment, no piles of landscape or asphalt blocking driveways or parking spaces, and no traffic detours or delays during pipe repair.  Disruption to your business can be detrimental to its profits and customer relationships.  CIPP technology is typically a small crew accessing the broken pipe through a manhole cover or other opening and performing the repair.  The convenience of continuing business as usual while the pipes are repaired is invaluable. 

It’s Expeditious

Traditional pipe repair involves digging a trench, repairing or replacing the pipe, refilling the trench or repaving the asphalt, and replacing the demolished landscaping or other surroundings.  This takes a lot of time.  CIPP consists of easy access or digging a small hole, inspecting the damage via video camera, relining the pipe, and allowing the cure to set.  Installing CIPP is a very quick process, the longest portion of time is allowing the pipe to cure.  This varies from one hour to thirty hours depending on the type and size of the pipe.  If an access point was dug to reach the pipe, it is filled in after the cure has set and the job is complete. 

It’s Durable

CIPP technology is more than just pipe repair.  The robust, liners are reinforced to resist tree root invasion, cracking, and pressure.  Relined pipes are not quick, temporary fixes. The materials used ensure your relined pipes will last for 30 to 50 years, which is akin to installing completely new pipes.    

It’s Well-Established

To some people, CIPP seems to be a relatively new concept.  This is a huge misconception.  CIPP technology has been used since the 1970s.  It is becoming more prevalent as the advantages and reliability are now realized.  Major cities have used CIPP in municipalities and government structures. 

The convenience of CIPP technology for relined pipes is immeasurable.  It’s fast, dependable, versatile, and cost-efficient.  Call Advanced Pipe Repair at 800-468-7668, or fill out the contact form and we will respond promptly.  For all of your pipe repair needs, we provide the very best of CIPP technology.