How Cost-Efficient is CIPP?

Commercial property owners and home owners are turning to CIPP repair as a way to eliminate the hassle that comes along with traditional digging pipeline repair methods. Having a fully functioning pipeline is important in several ways, but root intrusion, aging pipes, ground movement, and calcification can alter your pipeline integrity. These damages are not only costly, but they also disrupt yours' and others' daily flow.  Cured, in-place pipe, or CIPP, provides an alternative to these costly and disruptive repairs. Here are some ways that CIPP is cost-efficient.


Less Disruption


While traditional pipe repair may fix your pipeline, in the end, it is accomplished with a lot of unnecessary disruption. Traditional repair methods involve digging which is the main source of disruption. CIPP uses trenchless repair methods which eliminate a large, destructive construction site. While traditional repair methods require unearthing the entire pipeline in order to fix it, CIPP only requires access through a manhole or small entrance. By utilizing trenchless repair cost-efficient method, you save on things including traffic control, landscape repair, and other unnecessary additional costs.


Preserved Landscaping


A common complaint from traditional pipeline repair methods is that they destroy your landscaping. Digging repair methods cost more because of how destructive the process can be. CIPP saves you money by preserving landscaping instead of destroying it. By not touching any landscaping there is no need to shell out cash after your pipelines are repaired in order to fix any landscaping damages.


Pipeline Longevity


Unlike traditional pipeline repair material and methods, CIPP ensures that your pipelines last longer. Trenchless repair costs less than digging methods in the long run because of the material and methods used. Besides not digging increasing pipeline longevity, CIPP utilizes a resin like material instead of metal. This way your pipeline isn’t susceptible to common ailments such as rusting.


Traditional pipeline repair methods are not only destructive, but also expensive. CIPP provides an alternative trenchless repair method that doesn’t break the bank. This is because CIPP repairs pipelines without digging or excavating. Choosing trenchless repair methods means choosing a less disruptive pipeline repair method that preserves landscaping and increase pipeline longevity.  Let CIPP solve your pipeline problems to save both time and money.