Why Choose CIPP for Tower Pipes?

There is no room for error when it comes to repairing tower pipes. Any mess up, even a minor one, can interrupt people’s daily business flow. That's why it is important to have quality, dependable pipes. CIPP, or cured-in-place pipeline repair is a fairly new pipeline repair and replacement method that ensures that your tower pipes keep on flowing. Here is why you should choose CIPP for tower pipes:


Increase Your Pipe's Life


With CIPP, there is no need to repair your pipelines every year, or even every few years. CIPP lasts for decades before it begins to show any faults. This is due to the resin material utilized during the cured-in-place process. Resin isn't susceptible to common pipeline ailments such as rust. By choosing CIPP, you are choosing to have your tower pipes last a substantially longer time.


Quicker Repair/Replacement Process


One common problem with traditional tower pipe repair methods is that they take a long time to complete. With CIPP, your pipelines are up and running within the day. There is no waiting around without vital pipelines while they are being repaired. CIPP uses a repair method that doesn't take days, but rather hours. This lets everyone go about their normal routines while your tower pipes are getting the TLC they need.


Better Tower Pipe Flow


Water pressure is a common problem found with tower pipes. This is due to the inflexible metal commonly used. CIPP’s resin material is far more flexible than traditional pipeline materials. It creates a seamless repair job that has fewer obstructions and keeps your tower pipes flowing.


When it comes to tower pipes, there is no need to make a mess. CIPP offers an alternative repair method that brings loads of benefits to your tower pipes. Next time your pipelines need to be repaired or replaced, contact the professionals for cured-in-place pipeline installation today.