Help Protect Your Pipes: Benefits of Epoxy Coating

Our plumbing conveniences rely heavily on the integrity and durability of pipes. Unfortunately, pipes don’t last forever. When your pipes act up, you have two options: replace or repair. While each circumstance is different, most can be solved with epoxy pipe lining. Here are the benefits of epoxy coating.




Replacing a leaky pipe can be expensive. Epoxy coating can repair a leaky pipe without having to replace the whole pipe line.  It is done by a professional contractor that coats the affected area with a binding substance. Once the binding substance sets, your pipeline is able to utilize your pipeline again. Being able to repair rather than replace pipelines is what makes epoxy coating the affordable choice to help protect your pipes.  




Along with being affordable, epoxy coating increases the longevity of your pipes. Pipelines, just like any other structure, wear down over time and require renovations. These pipeline renovations can often be an extensive and expensive process that requires the removal of wall panels, flooring, or any other foundation piece that is blocking the pipes. However, even after this is all finished, the pipelines don’t last nearly as long as with epoxy coating. When applied properly, epoxy lining can last up to 100 years. This means saving on potentially dozens of pipeline repairs. When you choose epoxy pipe lining, you are making a long-term investment on your pipelines' integrity.


Eliminates Leaks


Most existing pipelines are made out of copper. When these copper pipelines begin to leak or corrode, most property owners think that replacement is the only solution. However, epoxy coating gives a way to fix leaks, while also extending the life of the pipeline. This is because epoxy coating lasts for up to 10 years, while copper pipes only last maybe one or two years. By repairing your pipes with epoxy, you can eliminate leaks while extending their life.


Less Time-Consuming


If your property has ever undergone pipeline construction before, you know that it can be a very tedious and lengthy process. This is because traditional pipeline repair methods require a significant amount of structural removal which takes up a lot of the repair time. Traditional repair methods can leave residents, families, and employees without use of essential pipelines for weeks. Epoxy coating takes very little time to complete. It can be completed from start to finish within a few days. Choosing epoxy lining when it’s time to repair your pipelines means choosing a less time-consuming repair method.

Your pipelines are important, which means that they should be repaired with the best methods available. Epoxy coating provides a repair method for leaky pipelines, without the need for replacement. Choosing epoxy lining over traditional methods offers several benefits including affordability, longevity, elimination of current and future leaks, and a less time-consuming process. Next time your pipes need repair, contact Advanced Pipe Repair.