The Value of Municipal Pipe Camera Inspections

Municipal pipe camera inspections are a great way to verify the state of your pipes. Advanced Pipe Repair has the technology to offer the most cutting edge camera inspections. You can know quickly what state your pipe is in, and if you have any cross bores. The technology that makes this possible is light, small, and powerful. The cutting edge has arrived. 

Identify cross bores

Municipal pipe camera inspections are key to identifying cross boring. These mistakes result when pipe work is done without due diligence. Either a new contractor makes a mistake reading a pipe chart of the area, or a previous contractor improperly registers changes made to your grounds. Between the two, one pipe cross bored through another. 

In some cases, pipe boring is just an expensive mistake. Yes, your pipes are damaged. You’re leaking whatever the damaged pipe was carrying. In the event of water, that’s just a hassle. If the damaged pipe is carrying sewage or natural gas, you could have a larger problem on your hands. Cross bores have been blamed for explosions on properties where natural gas or sewer vapor was allowed to mix with an electrical cable. Even in a best-case scenario, you’re losing a valuable utility. 

Prepare for installation

Municipal pipe camera inspections can ensure that your pipe is prepped for CIPP installation. You can make sure that it’s clean enough and in good shape. A collapsed or corroded pipe won’t be able to host the new liner that you’re going to install. Double checking with video inspections is a great final step before CIPP installation. 

The technology that makes it possible

The ability of Advanced Pipe Repair to perform these checks depends on the latest in robotic technology. The robotic inspector is slim, small, and fitted with a variety of hardware to make inspecting pipes easy. First of all, the robot is fitted with a tractor body that makes it easy for it to cross uneven terrain. A main pipeline is hardly ever perfectly clean and smooth. This robot can handle a bumpy ride. 

Just because the ride is bumpy, it doesn’t mean the video has to be as well. Advanced Pipe Repair’s robot comes with self-leveling technology to ensure that the picture is clear for the technicians reviewing your pipe. It allows the robot to pass over difficult to navigate terrain, from a clogged pipe to offset joints, without sacrificing picture quality. 

Finally, with 2,000 feet of cable, this robot is prepared to go as far as your pipes will take it. It can navigate through pipes thirty inches and larger. This is enough to take you from the main sewer line all the way into the interior of the pipe. Whether your pipes are pressed for space or cavernous, Advance Pipe Repair’s robotic camera can perform high quality inspections. 

Whether you’re looking to replace your pipes, or you just want to be sure you’re not suffering from cross boring, Advanced Pipe Repair is there. Municipal pipe camera inspections are quick, high quality, and versatile. Advanced Pipe Repair’s new technology makes seeing your pipes easier than ever.