Hidden Risks of Leaky Pipes

A leaky pipe is a nuisance, but it’s also a serious hazard to your health and property. It may be tempting to ignore minor problems; however, those problems will grow into much more serious issues. If you wait long enough, trenchless pipe repair, one of the most efficient pipe repair solutions, will no longer be feasible. After that, everything gets worse.


Mold and fungi creep into any area with both food and moisture. Since your home itself functions as food, all it takes is a minor leak to breed major health hazards. These dangers grow between walls and other dark, moist areas. They can be difficult to find, and many people only begin to hunt for them after noticing a major leak, or when they begin to suffer symptoms from growing mold and fungi. Upper respiratory conditions are typically among the first symptoms to appear. The problem with mold and fungi is that even if they are treated, they will continue to return and grow so long as there is a viable source of water. If your pipes are leaking, some form of mold or fungi is growing.


A leaky pipe in a yard may not bring mold and fungus inside a business or residence, but it can cause other serious problems. Water is one of the most powerful forces on earth, and it can erode essentially anything, given enough time. Soil erodes fairly quickly, and if water is leaving your pipes, it has to carve its own path. This creates small sink holes and cavities in your landscaping. Depending on the location of the leak, the water could even compromise the structural integrity of outbuildings’ foundations, sidewalks, and other man-made features. These are all expensive to repair, and paying for a trenchless pipe repair checkup once a year is a far cheaper option.

Extensive Damage

A minor leak is a relatively easy fix with trenchless pipe repair. However, if a minor leak is left for a significant period of time, it will inevitably lead to more extensive damage. A leak is a sign of a compromised pipe, but the leak itself will expedite the pipe’s deterioration. It allows foreign elements inside the pipe, and the moving water wears down the pipe itself. These leaks make great paths for tree roots, as well, which follow water directly into the pipe itself. If leaks are not caught and addressed early on, they undoubtedly lead to major leaks, which exacerbate the problems discussed above. Ignored leaks lead to heavy deterioration and even pipe collapse. Trenchless pipe repair ceases to be a feasible repair option in either of these cases. Without trenchless repair options, costs and unpleasant side effects increase exponentially.

A little leak can cause big problems. If you want to protect your health and property, it’s important to act early and inspect your pipes regularly. Even if you don’t see clear evidence of a leak, you could have minor cracks that are inviting tree roots and slowly deteriorating the stability of your sidewalks and landscaping. Trenchless pipe repair lets you get ahead and stay ahead of these issues entirely.