Three Industrial Drain Problems CIPP Solves

Few pipelines see the heavy use and transport of hazardous materials like industrial drains. Depending on the industry in question, drains may need to handle toxic waste, biohazards, or other potentially dangerous materials. Aging pipes and encroaching tree roots compound this risk. Even a minor failing can cause major repercussions. Cured in place pipes do more than help stop existing leaks, they also help prevent future disasters.

Minor Fissures

Even minor industrial drain problems have serious consequences. A small leak can result in big fees, health hazards, and lots of wasted revenue. Still, a minor fissure in a drainage pipe presents a problem. While the fissure may create a very slow, small leak, the cost of digging up and entirely replacing the pipe may cost more than simply containing the potential damage. While the fissure may be a sign that you need to replace the line in the near future, it’s hard to justify an immediate replacement unless the leak contains hazardous materials.

A minor fissure in a line carrying toxic or hazardous materials demands immediate repairs, but the frustration of ditch pipe replacement measures still leads to frustrations. In either case, the best solution is to have the line inspected by a CIPP professional. Relining with CIPP can not only solve immediate fissure concerns, but it can prevent costly trench replacement procedures for many years.

Tree Roots

Digging a trench to replace a pipe that’s been compromised by tree roots is effectively signing a death sentence for the tree. Trees are costly, long-term landscaping investments and play an important role in the shielding and appearance of industrial complexes. Of course, safety takes priority when the pipe must be repaired. However, there are ways to fix your industrial drain problems without killing the vegetation. CIPP solves tree roots by addressing the problem from the inside out. In most situations, the CIPP professionals either trim out the root or simply force it out with the new liner. The material of the new pipe interior is typically stronger than the existing line. Better yet, it should keep roots out for the foreseeable future.

Hidden Industrial Drain Problems

The worst industrial drain problems are the ones you don’t see. Regular video inspection from a certified CIPP professional does more than give you solutions to known issues. Video inspection also helps to catch and prevent major leaks and accidents. With their advanced inspection methods, CIPP installers are among the most qualified inspectors in the business. They can identify and address developing weaknesses and emerging problems before they threaten your business or the surrounding community.

Safety comes first, and the best way to ensure long-term safety is to choose CIPP products and regular, certified inspections. They do more than address developing concerns. The tough materials protect your drain lines from more future damage than the vast majority of the competition. It’s a single investment with double the returns. Most importantly, it offers the safest options for industrial drains.