Protect Landscaping Investments with Slip Lining

Slip lining has been used since the early 1940’s as a way to rehabilitate existing pipelines. Over time, pipes begin to leak and loose structural integrity. Slip lining is a restorative way to fix leaky pipes and strengthen the structure of pipe lines without having to dig a trench. Having to dig large trenches for repairs can be tragic to landscaping. Here are some ways that slip lining helps protect your landscaping investments.


Pipes usually express their need for repair in an emergency situation. When pipes malfunction, they can completely destroy your entire property. Slip lining can help prevent your property from being completely damaged. When disaster strikes, slip lining can repair the pipe quicker than traditional methods. Slip lining can help prevent massive landscaping and other disasters.


The landscape outside your business is an investment, and often operates as the face of your business as well. Developing the perfect design takes a long time, and maintaining is just as important. You want to protect your investment prevent as much damage as possible when pipe repair is necessary. Slip-lining makes this possible. All your hard work and money is preserved because slip lining is trenchless. There is no need to dig massive holes, messing up your beautiful landscape.


Landscaping costs thousands of dollars on its own. When a pipe busts or needs replacement the landscape is usually torn to pieces to try and get to the needed pipes. This means that you not only have to pay for the original landscaping and the pipe repairs but you also have to spend more money to repair the landscaping after the work is done. This ends up being a never ending cycle, costing you a lot of money. Slip lining helps prevent this by not causing damage to your landscape. This way you aren’t having to spend thousands of dollars in repairs.

Having to have your pipes repaired is never a fun task. It can not only cost a lot of money, but it also messes up your landscaping. Slip lining helps make pipe repair less scary because it is trenchless, which doesn’t leave your whole property turned upside down. If you don’t want your yard torn up, check into slip lining for your pipe repairs.