Improve Pipeline Integrity With No Digging

Since the invention of running water, pipelines have been an essential part of everyday life. Like most businesses in today’s modern society, you depend on pipelines to perform a variety of functions. For example, piping systems bring water, remove water-waste, and take our sewage to water treatment centers. Both health and safety rely on the integrity of pipelines. Unfortunately, as pipes begin to age, they become clogged or cracked. Until recently, when pipes needed repair, they were dug up and replaced manually. Not only was this process invasive, but it was also fairly expensive. Thankfully, with trenchless technology no digging is required, which saves time and money. Better yet, it also helps to improve the integrity of your pipelines.


Because trenchless technology requires no digging, it uses different materials from traditional pipe repair and replacement. Material used with no trenchless pipeline replacement tends to provide the pipeline with a lot more integrity than traditional pipe material. When pipelines are replaced by digging up the old pipe and replacing it, the whole pipeline is replaced with either steel, copper, plastic, or cast iron depending on the infrastructure. Conversely, trenchless pipeline replacement means that a type of resin is applied throughout the interior of the existing pipe to create a new, durable pipe. This resin is a stronger material than traditional pipeline materials and is rust and chemical resistant. Traditional pipe replacement often involves joints and crevices that lead to future leakage. Trenchless pipeline replacement leaves no joints or crevices by creating a smooth and cohesive inner lining to prevent any leakage. This benefit is mostly due to the fact that no digging is required to repair or replace the pipes.


Trenchless pipeline repair ends up costing less than traditional digging methods. Because no digging takes place, there is no damage to your property. Replacing pipelines by digging often leads to your whole yard turned upside down. Not only is this unattractive, but it ends up costing you more money later on to try and fix your businesses landscaping. Besides being invasive, digging in order to replace pipelines does not always lead to a long-lasting repair. Alternatively, trenchless pipeline replacement uses a strong, resin material. This material is applied to the inside of the existing pipeline and has a lifespan of over 50 years. This results in you saving money by not having to replace your pipes often in the future.

Trenchless pipeline repair helps to improve pipeline integrity because of the material that is used and the cost of the repair. Replacing pipelines with traditional methods creates a huge mess, disturbs your regular business hours, and takes longer to complete. With trenchless pipeline replacement technology, your pipes replacement takes as little as one day, and requires no digging. Next time you need your pipelines repaired or replaced, check out consider trenchless pipeline replacement to fix and improve the integrity of your pipes.