CIPP vs. Trench Pipe Replacement

As a business owner, you most likely dread pipe repairs. For most business owners, pipe repair is a nightmare. It used to be that when pipes needed to be fixed or replaced, it was a whole mess that could leave your business at a standstill for a day or longer. When it comes to pipe repair and replacement there are two options available: trench or trenchless. Traditional pipe replacement usually requires digging trenches, while methods such as CIPP (cured-in-place piping) are usually trenchless. For this reason, CIPP is gaining in popularity over the years. Here, we discuss the differences between CIPP and trench pipe replacement.


With CIPP, there is no need to dig. No digging means no tearing up your company’s precious walls, floors, landscaping, or parking lots. CIPP is trenchless because it involves creating a new pipe within the old pipe instead of actually extracting a replacing the damaged pipeline. This method is usually done by accessing the old pipe through a rooftop or from outside the building where a sewer service comes out from beneath the building. With no need to dig, time is saved on digging and refilling trenches. The traditional trench repair process takes more time to restore the site. On top of being less disruptive and less time-consuming, CIPP cost up to fifty percent less than traditional trench pipe replacement. This is because less money is spent on traffic control, storage spoils, equipment access, utility support, restoration, and so much more. CIPP offers a quick, cost-efficient, non-disruptive way to fix your businesses damaged pipes.

Trench Pipe Replacement

It used to be that trench pipe replacement was the only service available. Trench pipe replacement involves digging large trenches to expose the damaged pipeline, extracting the old pipeline and inserting a new one, and then filling in the trench and restoring the site to its previous condition. Not only is this method disruptive, but it is costly and can end up costing an exceptional amount more in expenses in order to properly repair the damage causes by the trenches. Also, with trench pipe replacement you run the risk of encountering some unknowns underground. It’s possible that once you start digging you hit ground that has been previously untouched or large pockets of water. This can leave your business turned upside down for weeks.

When it comes to replacing pipe lining, CIPP is the way to go. There is a reason that a new way to replace pipe lines was invented. Digging up huge trenches to replace small segments of pipeline is something of the past. This primitive technique has been replaced with the quick and simple CIPP trenchless method. This way, your business is not the least bit bothered by pipeline replacement. CIPP not only save you time, but it also saves you money and gives you peace of mind knowing that your pipes can work properly. Next time you need your businesses pipes repaired, think no further than CIPP.