Why CIPP Sewer Repair is the Better Option

When it comes to getting sewer repair for your business, there are several options. Some of these options are highly invasive and can tear up your businesses yard. However, CIPP sewer repair changes that. In this article, you will learn what CIPP means and why CIPP sewer repair is the better option.

What is CIPP Sewer Repair

CIPP stands for ‘Cured in Place Pipe’. CIPP sewer repair is a joint less, seamless, pipe-within-a-pipe with the capability to rehabilitate pipes. Cured in Place Pipe Lining replaces pipes without the need to dig up walls, floors, driveways or landscaping. The CIPP process inserts a pipe within the old pipe. This usually occurs from a rooftop or from outside of the building.

Less Landscape Destruction

One of the main reasons why CIPP sewer repair is the better option is there is no need for excavation. The traditional open cut replacement creates lengthy trenches that run through local properties, over agricultural land, and disrupt local highways. This means longer repair time as well as more destruction. There is minimal disruption involved with CIPP sewer repair. This means you don't have to worry about your landscaping being completely destroyed, or anyone else's either. 

Less Inconveniences

Community costs are indirectly affected by open cut projects. CIPP sewer repair is quiet and clean by reducing the number of road closures and noise pollution. Excavating or digging creates tons of air pollutants and noise for your community. Using CIPP sewer repair decreases these issues substantially.

It’s Cheaper

CIPP sewer repair can be up to 50% cheaper than traditional sewer repair costs. This is simply because when you take away the need to excavate the ground and site restoration then you dramatically cut the cost. Using CIPP sewer repair also removes the need for things such as traffic control, spoils storage, equipment access, utility support, site restoration and many other unnecessary costs.

Less Time

CIPP sewer repair is the better option for your business as well as the quicker one. This is due to two reasons. First , there's no need for excavation. Second, without excavation, there's no need to reconstruct or replace damaged landscaping. This is an improvement over the other traditional methods of sewer repair.

Minimizes Disruption of Existing Utilities

When dealing with traditional sewer repair, there is a danger of disrupting existing utilities. When using CIPP sewer repair existing pipelines will be fixed with little to no disruption. That means traffic and your business's routine will continue without a hitch. It also reduces damage to existing paved surfaces, resulting in little to no disruption of daily life occurrences, such as people working and shopping.

When considering sewer repair for your business, remember why CIPP sewer repair is the better option. It causes fewer inconveniences such as noise and air pollution, less landscape destruction, less disruption of existing utilities, and is exceptionally cheaper and less time. Advanced Pipe Repair is one of the best providers of CIPP sewer repair. At Advanced Pipe Repair, we help you with whatever issues you have with your businesses sewer needs. To contact us today by clicking the link.