How CIPP Can Save You Money

When you’re a business, pipe repair is a daunting expense. You could probably think of a hundred more profitable ways to spend your hard-earned money. When it inevitably comes time to repair your pipes you want the option that saves you the most money. Saving money is always the best choice when it comes to repairs, and CIPP is the best choice for saving money. CIPP, or cured-in-place-pipe, is a form of pipeline rehabilitation that saves you money by increasing the lifespan of your pipelines and sparing your landscaping from ruin. Here is how CIPP can save you money the next time your pipeline repaired.

What Is CIPP?

CIPP is minimally invasive pipe repair method that is relatively new. This repair method allows pipes to be repaired without digging trenches or ripping out existing pipes. Meaning your pipes are repaired without the need to disrupt the daily flow your business. Conversely, traditional pipe repair methods require large, invasive trenches to be dug in order to gain access to the damaged pipeline. Not only is this disruptive, but it is an unpleasant eyesore.   


One of the biggest money saving attributes of CIPP is that is lasts a really long time. The longevity of CIPP is outstanding. Traditional pipe repair methods use materials such as steel and copper to replace pipelines. While these materials do their job, they don’t last near as long as CIPP materials. CIPP uses resin instead of traditional materials. This resin material provides a smooth and structurally sound pipeline that won’t’ have to be restored again for over 50 years. This saves you mass amounts of money in pipe repair.


Traditional pipeline repair involves digging a trench, removing the damaged pipeline and replacing it with a new one. This method not only causes a big mess, but it also tears up your business landscaping, which, in turn, causes disruption to your daily flow. Moreover, traditional pipe repair does not last nearly as long as CIPP. By eliminating the need to dig you also minimize any damage caused to your business’s landscaping. Landscaping can be expensive and repairing or replacing your landscaping after pipe repair is an additional cost you want to avoid. Thankfully, the trenchless method provided by CIPP eliminates the extra cost of landscaping repair.

It’s no surprise that CIPP continues to gain in popularity. CIPP offers an alternative pipe repair method that saves your business money. It’s trenchless repair technology saves you money by increasing the longevity of your pipeline repair and preventing you from having to pay for unnecessary landscaping repair costs. When it comes to pipeline repair, CIPP is the way to go to save you both time and money.