Benefits of Using CIPP to Repair Vertical Pipes

CIPP or cured-in-place piping has become an increasingly common repair method when it comes to horizontal pipelines. CIPP offers rehabilitation rather than replacement which can end up saving your business’ wallet and building. These same benefits can be found when using CIPP to repair vertical pipelines. Vertical pipes are often hard to access and even harder to repair. Here are some benefits of using CIPP to repair vertical pipes.

Saves your business time

Time equals money in the business world. Losing precious time during business hours can take a toll on your business’ finances. The curing process that is done during CIPP takes an average of around 4 to 12 hours until reaching completion. Even if the project is larger than traditional pipelines, CIPP still proves to save time on vertical pipe repair. This is because using a lining and curing technique rather than replacing the whole pipeline is a much quicker method. This is especially proven to be true when it comes to interior pipes that are found inside walls, or underground. Your business has to be almost torn in half to reach these vertical pipelines using traditional pipe repair methods. Even after the pipes have been replaced using this method, there are further restoration needs that can delay your business from returning to its normal routine. Choosing CIPP when it comes to repairing vertical pipes eliminates the need to tear up your businesses walls or repair unnecessary damages.

Saves your business money

Vertical pipe replacement is not easy on your business’ finances. Luckily, alternative repair methods like CIPP help to reduce the overall cost of pipe repair. While CIPP often seems to present itself as being the more expensive option, it’s because it doesn’t carry the same associated costs as traditional pipe repair methods. CIPP eliminates the need to open up wall in order to access pipelines. This means your business’ pipes can be repaired and your doors can reopen sooner. Besides taking less time to install, CIPP also lasts for longer periods of time than traditional pipes. Rehabilitating and relining instead of replacing can prevent your pipes from needing to be repaired for over 50 years. The longevity of CIPP is where money is really saved using this repair method.

Save your business’ building

One of the major benefits of CIPP when it comes to repairing vertical pipes is that it saves your building from having to suffer unnecessary damages due to pipeline repair construction. Having corroded and broken pipes replaced can damage your business’ building almost as much as ignoring them. When using traditional methods, walls sometimes have to be opened or large trenches dug causing your business to not only look unpleasant but also be unable to continue to conduct daily business. CIPP is a trenchless pipe repair method which prevents your building from being destroyed in the name of pipeline repair. This can be extremely beneficial when it comes to repairing historical buildings that have great significance.

CIPP saves your business time, money, and the physical building itself. CIPP does not only bring all of these benefits to horizontal pipes, but vertical ones as well. Look into CIPP for your vertical pipe repair needs.