How Can Trenchless Pipe Lining Save Your Landscape?

Pipeline repair has traditionally been known as a nightmare that most business owners hope they never have to handle. The thought of traditional pipeline repair creates a vision of a backhoe traveling across your beautifully landscaped lot to begin digging up anything that lies in its way. Thanks to trenchless technology, this vision is now one of the past.  Thankfully, trenchless pipe lining opens a world of opportunity for business owners. While you still don’t want to have to deal with sewer pipe repair, there is now a more efficient and cost-effective way to fix the problem through trenchless pipe lining.

How Does Trenchless Pipe Lining Work

Trenchless pipe lining is a less invasive way to repair broken or damaged sewer pipes. While traditional pipe repair required excavation, no matter how big or small the problem with the pipe was, trenchless pipe lining offers new ways to fix even the smallest leak. If the sewer pipe that presents the issue is still intact, and structurally sound, trenchless pipe lining can repair the problem by laying a pipe within the existing pipe.

Through trenchless pipe lining, experts can shunt a sleeve coated with epoxy resin into the existing pipe. The sleeve is then inflated. Once inflated, the resin binds to the inner walls of the old pipe and creates a strong seal. The greatest advantage of trenchless technology is that all repairs are done without ripping up any land and repairs last for many years. Even better, access is creating by simply making one or two holes in the ground. This less invasive way of getting to your sewer pipes has been the greatest gift of trenchless technology.

Trenchless Pipe Lining and Your Landscape

It’s safe to say that most businesses take pride in maintaining a beautiful forefront that is inviting to their customers. While most of it has to do with creating a business image that is inviting, a major part of creating an eye-catching landscape is the pride that comes with it. Business owners spend a great deal of money on mowing, trimming, fertilizing, and watering the landscape that is at the front of their business. Many bring in professional landscaping crews to create a beautiful masterpiece with all the bells and whistles. So, what happens when businesses invest thousands of dollars into their store front and are faced with the unfortunate tragedy of a broken sewer line?

Years ago, regardless of the time and money spent outdoors, sewer repair would require destructive digging to cut open your lot, land, and floors. Excavation resulted in dug up driveways, brickwork, patios, slates, trees, grass, and gardens. With the introduction of trenchless pipe lining, business owners now have the advantage of the ultimate sewer replacement without damage to the front, and back, of their business. Repairs are done in half the time, and they don’t require grass to be uprooted. Your landscape is safe. And your sewer pipes are handled with the same high-quality repairs, if not better.

So, while you don’t want to have to deal with the problem of repairing a sewer line, trenchless technology has made it a less expensive and less stressful project. Through trenchless pipe lining, you can get the repairs you need without ruining the expensive landscape you worked so hard to create.