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Advanced Pipe Repair, Inc. is the leader in trenchless pipe lining and plumbing restoration. Utilizing the latest trenchless pipe lining technologies allows us to restore your plumbing system without the expensive destruction of traditional repairs.

Advanced Pipe Repair was launched in 2006. With 25 years experience in commercial service, we fully understand how to address pipeline failure.

Accurate identification of pipeline / plumbing problems is our key to selecting the correct long term solution for your building. We offer an innovative, non-destructive approach to plumbing repair. Our customers will verify that we are competitively priced and truly a leader in our field.  We welcome requests for our resume and references.

Proudly serving - Commercial, Government, and Industrial customers with all pipe restoration and replacement needs.


Advanced Pipe Repair can install a pipe liner inside your existing sewer with minimal or no excavation.

We use certified, tested materials that meet or exceed ANSI/NSF standard 14 certificationNSFICCIAMPO requirements.

Advanced Pipe Repair installs products that are approved and third party tested to meet ASTM specs. We back this up with an aggressive life-span warranty per ASTM specs.


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Advanced Pipe Repair, Inc. is 100% dedicated to providing a long term cost effective solution. Accurate answers and quality evaluation is the key to our success.

Employing Green Technology – Pipelining reduces construction debris and is safe for the environment. Moreover, it decreases our carbon footprint.