Cross Bore Inspections

Underneath and around your building, there lies a network of pipes. Today, many utilities, such as natural gas and sewage pipes, and communications cables are laid underground. While convenient, this creates a problem when boring new lines. A cross bore occurs when a new line is drilled through an existing one. Even though this poses a serious safety risk, it is preventable when you take appropriate precautions before boring.


The Dangers of Cross Boring

When cross boring, you should remain aware of any dangerous situations that may be brewing under your building. While natural gas lines present the most obvious risk, no two lines should intersect. A sewage line that is intersected by another line could leak harmful substances into the ground. With certain wrong combinations, you could trigger an explosion. This is the danger that people risk when they drill, treat, or upgrade their pipes without checking for cross bores.


Robotic Lateral Launch System

There is an easy way to tell if the pipes that need to be worked on have been compromised. A robotic lateral launch system can check through the pipes quickly and easily. The robotic head and flexible shape allow it to go places that a push cam couldn’t reach alone. Newer models have a 90 degree turn capability, allowing the robot to enter any lateral.

How the system works

First, the identification of all lines is established via charts. These lines often reveal a great many more connections under and around properties than most people expect. Working off of these plans, the inspection team draws up a plan for scanning the affected pipes for cross bores.

Then, the manhole is opened. The robotic lateral launch system is inserted, and a methodical scan of the pipes for cross bores begins. This provides a lot of detailed information to the technician team. They can scan the laterals and connections, and ensure that everything is working as it should. This check can continue all the way to the foundation of the building for the complete view.

The data collection system provides reports that allow the technicians to see what you’re dealing with. Once the possibility of cross bores is eliminated, you can make plans for your pipe relining or remodel. The cross bore safety check also yields other necessary information about the state of the pipes. In the event that there’s no cross bore issue, the video and data captured during the check can still be put to good use.

Service Area

Cross bore inspection services are useful, but they are also a key part of a variety of pipe issues. Cross bore inspection is now being offered throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Additionally, this service will be offered as far as the Austin and Houston areas. The Advanced Pipe Repair network is ushering in 2017 with new and improved piping safety.