Epoxy Coating

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Epoxy Coating


Preventative measures are always more time and cost effective than repairs. Epoxy coating is a preventative treatment that improves the quality of water in pipes. It is also a front line of defense against erosion, corrosion, leaks, and mold growth. Best of all, it helps extend the life of your metal pipes.


The application process for epoxy coating is simple. First, pipes are cleaned to scrape away any rust or collected debris in the pipe. The pipes are cleaned and dried, and the air inside heated to the perfect temperature for curing the epoxy. The epoxy itself is then sprayed inside of the pipes. The spraying process and continuous airflow ensure that the epoxy is spread in a thin, even layer. Lastly, the layer cures in only a few hours, leaving your pipes protected.


Epoxy Coating is Great for:


●      Metal pipes that leach into drinking water

●      Preventing leaks in older pipes

●      Coating joints of pipes

●      Maintaining pressure in a pipe system

●      Sealing pipes that are otherwise difficult, most particularly pipes with lots of 90-degree angles


Epoxy coating prevents leaks and cracks before they occur and is used on various types of pipes. These include metal, PVC, concrete, and clay pipes and helps to prolong the life expectancy of your pipes. Epoxy coating is the perfect solution for sealing difficult pipes with multiple 90-degree angles, because it seals joints and junctions with precision. To find out if epoxy coating can help your pipes, schedule a consultation today.