Industrial Pipe lining

We provide integrated sewer rehabilitation services with trenchless technology to industrial customers, which are more efficient, fast and affordable. Industrial pipe restoration includes the lining of water, drains and mechanical piping systems.

Our process is a permanent solution to damaged or corroded industrial piping systems, implementing epoxy pipe lining applications that save money on costly re-piping, without sacrificing the quality of the repair.

Our industrial pipe lining services can reline/rehabilitate PVC, copper, cast iron, galvanized steel, concrete, Orangeburg, and other metal piping used in factories, buildings, and industrial and manufacturing facilities.

Pipe lining is a long-term fix that can last over 50 years. Installation is faster and cheaper than traditional pipe repair/replacement. Even better, there is usually no excavation needed to install CIPP, so most jobs are performed in one day.


Keep your down time to a minimum!