Large Diameter Pipe Inspections


Large diameter pipe inspections often prove difficult with standard technology. While visual inspections are the best way to assess the state of a pipe, large diameter pipes are a challenge for conventional push cameras. Advanced Pipe Repair has brought a lateral launching robot on board. This new “team member” makes large diameter pipe inspections a snap.


Why you need it

Large diameter pipes carry heavy loads. They’re expected to stand up to a certain amount of stress and pressure. Any flaw in a large diameter pipe can mean disaster. A freshly installed pipe should be inspected to show that it connects well with all the laterals around it. If you’re using trenchless technology, a visual inspection can ensure that your cured in place pipe is well formed and stable. 


The challenge of large diameter pipe inspections

Large diameter pipe inspections are difficult for typical push cameras to handle. The large space is difficult to fill with light. Cameras that are made for slipping into tight pipes with diameters of 4-inches, for example, can have difficult inspecting large diameter pipes. Providing enough light is one challenge in itself. Additionally, the camera has to be prepped for taking pictures at a greater range. 


Lateral launching robotic inspections

Lateral launching robotic inspections are the solution to the challenges posed by large diameter pipes. Large diameter pipe inspections can be accomplished quickly and easily with a robot up to the challenge. Advanced Pipe Repair’s lateral launching robot can be deployed down manholes and into large diameter pipes. The rig is large enough to carry a strong light source and a high-quality camera. The technician reviewing the footage has precise control over the robot’s movements. Any perceived flaws can be inspected again to isolate the problem. Once confirmed, a technician performs an easy patch repair. 


Large diameter pipe inspections are a snap when you have the right tools. Advanced Pipe Repair brings the best workers—human and robotics—to give quality inspections to customers. Don’t take your pipe’s condition on faith. See it with your own eyes with large diameter pipe inspections.