Why Does CIPP Last Longer?

No one wants to have to pay for pipeline restoration, especially if it has to be done every few years. Ensuring that your pipes last as long as possible in between repairs is important for several reasons. When your pipes have to be repaired frequently, it causes unnecessary backups and delays. It also damages the structural integrity of the pipeline and the stability of the ground surrounding it. With CIPP or cured, in-place pipe repair, there is no reason to replace pipelines frequently. Here is why CIPP lasts longer.


Quality Material


One major reason that cured, in-place pipe repair lasts longer is because of the material that is used. When pipes have to be repaired frequently, the root of the problem can often be found in the material that the pipeline is composed of. Unlike traditional repair methods that use materials such as steel, CIPP uses a resin-like material. Using resin instead of repairing with a new steel pipe or doing a patch job makes your pipes last a substantially longer amount of time than traditional pipeline materials. This is due to resin not being susceptible to things like rust or wear and tear that usually ruins pipes. Choosing CIPP means choosing to use quality resin material that will last decades.


Seamless Repair


No matter how hard you try, traditional methods cannot create a perfect, seamless repair. Not only is it difficult to expose steel pipelines, but it is also far too difficult to use traditional repair materials and methods to create a seamless repair. With CIPP, a seamless repair is guaranteed every time. This is because CIPP uses a resin material that creates a seamless repair inside the existing damaged pipeline.  


No Digging


No digging is a key element to the longevity of CIPP. Not digging means that everything stays in place. This includes buildings, landscaping, or anything else that covers up pipelines. CIPP uses resin to impregnate the existing pipeline, which requires no need to expose the pipeline. Not disturbing the ground surrounding pipelines gives them an edge to last longer.


Pipe repair shouldn’t have to be stressful. CIPP offers a long-lasting, efficient pipe repair method that will keep pipelines running smoothly. CIPP lasts longer because it uses quality material, creates a seamless repair, and does not require digging. All of these elements add up to create an efficient pipe repair method that can conquer any pipeline. Pipe repair doesn’t have to be a frequent issue. Choosing CIPP means choosing to not have to worry about pipe repair for years.