Why Jet Vac?

Jet vac services are a pipe lining repair method for industrial, commercial, and constructional purposes. A jet vac service includes utilizing a jet vac truck that performs hydro excavation. This process includes using both water and suction to remove dirt, gravel, clay, or any other materials from a designated area. Jet vac often becomes confused with trenchless pipe lining repair methods. While it is not trenchless, it still offers several benefits over traditional repair methods. Essentially, jet vaccing is a method of digging that is quicker and more efficient. This is why choosing jet vac services brings loads of benefits to your pipelines. Here is why you should choose a jet vac.


Works All Year-Round


Jet vac services work through all of the seasons, no matter what. This means that unlike other digging methods, jet vac’s trenchless pipe lining solution works during the heat of the summer and the brisk chill of the winter. This is extremely beneficial for construction and industrial sites that not only need excavation work done all year long, but also need to be able to work through the weather extremes.


Handles A Variety Of Materials


A crucial part of excavation services is being able to handle a variety of materials. Sometimes digging methods aren’t up to the challenge of handling certain materials. This can be a problem when it comes time for repair services. Unlike traditional repair methods, jet vaccing handles a wide variety of materials. This can be especially beneficial when it comes to construction or industrial jobs. Along with being able to handle different materials, jet vac also keeps those working and around the site safe. It keeps the material contained and controlled through the whole process to guarantee everyone’s safety.




Being able to move material in a short amount of time is crucial when it comes to excavation services. Jet vaccing cuts down things like repairs to be accomplished in half the amount of time as traditional digging repair methods. This means not only cutting down the amount of time of the overall repair or dig job, but also providing a less disruptive and far more effective process.


When it comes to jet vac services, there is no question: jet vac provides an easy and efficient way to complete a variety of services. It may not be a trenchless pipe lining repair method, but it still helps take the stress out of digging or repairing pipelines. Next time you need a no-fuss digging or exposing method, check out jet vac services.