Post Installation Video Inspection

Seeing is believing. Before declaring an installation project complete, Advanced Pipe Repair offers visual inspection of lines. Post installation video inspections use laterally launching robots to do a full inspection of the pipes. 


Post installation video inspections show commitment to quality

We offer cured in place pipes, burst pipe replacement, and more. Part of the beauty of trenchless technology is that you don’t have to see the work. This can also be a drawback. Video inspections after installation are a final quality check. Advanced Pipe Repair is committed to placing the best quality pipes without issue. Visually inspecting the interior of placed pipes ensures every job completed has been verified for maximum quality. 


The technology behind the service  

Laterally launching robots are a fairly new technology. They’re deployed through a manhole and can inspect up to the foundations of your building. Powerful cameras provide a wealth of information to the technicians piloting these robots. Best of all, they can go places no human ever could, such as within a pipe with a 4-inch diameter! A comprehensive inspection will show any flaws in your pipes or the seams where laterals connect. 

This post installation video inspection will ensure that your pipe has been placed correctly. It will show that all laterals and seams are correctly joined. It will even inspect the quality of your CIPP liner, showing that the pipe cured without any warps or damage. Advanced Pipe Repair offers post installation video inspections because we stand behind every pipe placed.