What’s New in Trenchless Technology?

Trenchless technology refers to the “no-dig” approach of replacing or rehabilitating existing pipelines. This conventional approach to pipeline rehabilitation has opened a whole new world to the way that construction is completed. With continuously improving and new innovative ideas popping up in the realm of trenchless technology, it can easily become overwhelming and confusing. Here is what’s new in trenchless technology.


Slip Lining


The process of slip lining is a construction method that is used to install a new pipeline within an existing host pipeline. While slip lining reduces the inside diameter of the pipeline, this can actually have a positive effect on the pressure and flow of the pipeline. Slip lining also reduces the inflow and infiltration, creating a smooth finish that leaves you with an efficient pipeline system.


Pipe Bursting


Pipe bursting provides some additional services to make existing trenchless technology work. When it comes to slipping lining, pipe bursting can help gain access to narrow or collapsed sections of the line. It also can be used to increase the diameter of the pipe. While slip lining replaces the existing pipeline, it does so at cost of the interior diameter. A decrease in the interior diameter is not ideal for moving some materials through pipelines, which is where pipe bursting comes in handy. Pipe bursting allows for the same trenchless technologies to repair damaged pipelines and increase the pipelines overall diameter.




One of the biggest and most popular methods of trenchless technology is CIPP or cured in place pipelining. CIPP technology utilizes an epoxy resin to repair pipelines, instead of traditional metal material. This creates a new pipeline inside the pre-existing pipeline that is durable and made to last. Just like all the other trenchless technology methods, CIPP helps to diminish unnecessary damage and destruction while still resulting in a new and functioning pipeline.


With so many reliable trenchless technology repair methods, there is a pipe repair method that fits your needs. When it comes to trenchless pipelining, Advanced Pipe Repair are the experts. We have years of experience working with trenchless technology including slip lining, pipe bursting, and CIPP. We know how important it is to have a quick, and efficient repair job, which is why we only use the best. Next time your pipelines need restoration, look no further than trenchless pipelining.



Increase Pipeline Efficiency with Epoxy Coating

Before the use of epoxy coating, protective pipeline coating technology had some disadvantages. Many of these were due to the sheer complexity of the design. This is because designing an efficient pipeline coating is difficult due to varying weather, product flammability, and rate of flow. Epoxy coating is an innovative and cost-effective repair method that’s the answer to taking preventative measures against common pipeline ailments Here are some ways that epoxy coating increases efficiency.


Chemical Resistance


Not all liquids and gases passing through pipelines are toxic, but when they are, it’s crucial that your pipelines can withstand them. Chemical resistance is critical when it comes to successfully increasing pipeline efficiency. Some chemicals cause pipelines to corrode prematurely and require frequent repair and replacement. Epoxy coating offers resistance from chemicals that typically corrode pipelines. In this way, your pipelines last much longer and run more efficiently.


Smooth Interior


The fastest way to move liquids is through smooth pipelines. Pipelines that are bombarded with clogs and corrosion don’t work as efficiently as those that are coated and reinforced. The epoxy coating provides a protective layer for pipelines that prevents cracks and clogs from occurring. This way liquids and gaseous materials can run smooth and efficiently for longer periods of times.




It’s important that pipelines function accordingly in order to keep everyone safe. Some pipelines are responsible for transporting hazardous materials. This means that a single crack or even a clog can cause some major problems and impede on the pipeline efficiency. Epoxy coating offers a way to ensure that your pipelines run smoothly and efficiently without jeopardizing anyone's safety.


When it comes to pipelines, it’s important to ensure that they are running at optimum efficiency. Epoxy coating helps you get the most out of your pipeline. Not only does it increase the life of the existing pipeline, but it also decreases the interior of the pipeline which helps to increase pressure and efficiency. Epoxy coating helps increase  the efficiency of your pipeline by resisting harsh chemicals, creating a smooth interior lining, and ensuring the of everyone who that uses the pipelines. To help increase efficiency and create a pipeline that lasts, check out epoxy coating today.



Ensure That Your Repair Work Lasts Longer with CIPP

When it’s time for pipelines to be repaired and restored back into working order, it’s important that those repair jobs last. Fixing your pipes over and over again due to previous faulty repairs is not only frustrating, but eventually causes more harm than good to your pipelines. Frequent repairs are bad for your pipes, wallet, and the stability of the ground surrounding the pipeline. With cured in place pipelining, there is no longer a need for frequent repairs. Here is how you can ensure that your repair work lasts longer with CIPP.


Resin Instead of Metal


The resin material used with CIPP is a key reason that pipe repair lasts longer. Pipes that frequent repair are often found to have faults in the material of the pipeline. Poor quality pipeline material makes it far more susceptible to clogs, cracks, and breaks. Resin creates a structurally sound interior pipeline that lasts longer than traditional metal materials. This is because the resin is far less susceptible to rust and wear and tear that usually ruin pipelines. Utilizing resin instead of a metal can help ensure that your pipe repair work last longer.


 Structurally Sound Pipeline


An important part of ensuring that your repair work lasts and creating a structurally sound finished pipeline. Traditional repair methods are difficult to work with and even more difficult to create a seamless repair. By using a resin material, CIPP can ensure a seamless repair job every single time. CIPP creates a new, structurally sound interior pipeline within the damaged exterior pipeline. This way pipes last longer in between repairs because they aren’t as susceptible to damage.


Trenchless Pipe Lining


Trenchless technology is another key component behind the success of CIPP. With trenchless technology, absolutely no digging is required to fix damaged pipelines. This means not having to dig into landscaping, building, roadways, or anything else that may be covering up existing pipelines. Along with preserving the ground and infrastructures above pipelines, CIPP also preserves the ground underneath and surrounding it.


Your pipe repair work should last without causing you any further problems. With CIPP pipe repair, you can guarantee that your pipes run smoothly for years to come. This is because CIPP creates a strong new pipeline while preserving the ground and infrastructures surrounding it. Your pipes shouldn’t be a frequent stressor in your life. Choose CIPP next time your pipes need to be restored to guarantee that your repair work will last.


Help Your Wallet with CIPP

When it comes to fixing your pipelines, who doesn't want to save money? CIPP offers a great way for businesses to cut down on costs. Upgrading traditional pipelines with CIPP lining can help you start saving money. CIPP saves you money from installation onwards. Here are some ways that you can help your wallet with CIPP.


Improve Efficiency                                                         


Improving the efficiency of your pipelines is all about the flow. Increasing the rate of flow results in better flowing and draining water. With CIPP lining, your pipes' efficiency is automatically improved. This is because the new pipeline that is created within the existing one is slightly smaller. By slightly decreasing the size of the pipe it creates more pressure that is just enough to improve the flow and overall efficiency if the pipeline. This limits the number of clogs and backups you have to deal with which saves you money.


Create Stronger Pipelines


Pipelines that are strong require fewer repairs and maintenance. CIPP lining is known for its strength. Even where pipelines intersect, they hold up their strength. More importantly, CIPP withstands root intrusions better than traditional metal pipes. Root intrusions are a common problem when it comes to pipelines and can be pricey to repair. CIPP lining prevents roots from penetrating your pipelines which saves you money by not having to repair pipelines as frequently.


Eliminate Labor Costs


Once CIPP lining is installed, that's it. Traditional pipe repair methods often require follow up repairs that can be lengthy. Besides follow up repairs, traditional methods also require digging. This means having to wait for a hole to be dug, the pipeline to be repaired or replaced, and then the hole to be refilled. Not only does this rack up the bill for labor expenses but it can extend a simple pipeline repair into taking days instead of hours. With CIPP, installation is completed along with a short video inspection and you are done. CIPP lining is such a short and simple repair process that eliminates a lot of labor costs which is good for your wallet.


When it comes to repairing your pipelines, there is no need to waste loads of money. CIPP lining not only repairs damaged pipelines, it helps saves you money. CIPP creates a stronger, new pipeline within the damaged existing pipeline that is made to last. With CIPP, both your pipelines and your wallet are happy. To learn more about how CIPP can benefit you contact your local pipe repair professionals today.


Benefits of Choosing Advanced Pipe Repair for Your Construction Site

Construction sites are known for being loud and a little bit chaotic at some points. With so many tasks to accomplish and people to keep on track, it’s important that the construction crew stays on task and runs smoothly. In order for this to happen a construction manager acts as the hub for communication at the construction site. Keeping a whole job site running efficiently is not a small task. Construction managers that have the right crew and people are typically more successful at getting the job done. Here are some benefits of choosing Advanced Pipe Repair for your construction site.


Team Player


When it comes to a job construction site, it’s important to work as a team. Advanced Pipe Repair knows how important it is to a construction site’s success for all working parties to get along and work cohesively. Construction managers have enough to worry about as it is. They shouldn’t have to worry about crew members not doing their job. The members of Advanced Pipe Repair are professionals that construction managers can rely on. With Advanced Pipe Repair, construction managers can ensure that the job is being completed with the goal to exceed expectations.


Skilled in a Variety of Services


Advanced Pipe Repair is more than just a repair company. It’s important that a construction manager has a crew that is skilled in a variety of areas. Advanced Pipe Repair offers services that can be extremely helpful on a construction site. Construction managers can benefit from choosing Advanced Pipe Repair by gaining access to technicians that are skilled in a variety of areas from using a jet vac truck to repairing a pipeline with trenchless CIPP technology.


Materials That Will Last


With all the quality services offered by Advanced Pipe Repair comes quality materials. When it comes to ensuring that your hard work will last, quality materials are essential. That’s why at Advanced Pipe Repair only materials that are certified and tested are used and must meet or exceed standard requirements. Construction site jobs are often long and hard work that should be ensured to last. By working with Advanced Pipe Repair, construction managers can rest assured that their work will last for years to come.


Construction managers are responsible for keeping a job site running smoothly with little to no delays. Their job is to ensure that everything and everyone are running on schedule until the job has reached completion. In order to do this, construction workers have to have a skilled and reliable team of workers. Advanced Pipe Repair has the team to finish job sites with success. Our skilled technicians are experienced in a variety of services and are guaranteed to get the job done. To see how Advanced Pipe Repair can help you, contact us today.


Why CIPP Triumphs Over the Competition?

Pipelines have the ability to make our lives easier or harder. With just one simple leak or pipeline burst, you could be looking at countless hours and money fixing both the damage caused by the pipeline and the pipeline itself. Pipelines are essential when it comes to maintaining hygiene and minimizing flooding. However, age causes the pipelines to become faulty and require replacement or repair. Cured-in-place pipelining, or CIPP, eliminates all of the stress that often comes along with damaged pipelines. Here is why CIPP triumphs over the competition.


Trenchless Technology


Trenchless pipeline repair is not a new term. There have been other pipeline repair processes that have claimed to be trenchless in the past. However, these processes often require digging which makes them not a truly trenchless process. CIPP is guaranteed to give you trenchless results. It accesses the pipeline through a manhole in order to eliminate the need for digging. This way landscaping and infrastructures are left untouched while the pipelines that lay below are being worked on.  


Improvement of Flow Efficiency


Pipelines are responsible for keeping the daily flow of life, flowing. Whether they are carrying water, gas, or any other valuable liquid, it’s important that pipelines are not only working but are working at maximum efficiency. With CIPP, it’s more than just a pipe repair process. The resin material used in CIPP creates a smoother surface inside the pipeline. Pipelines repaired with CIPP improves the overall flow efficiency of the pipeline.


Makes Pipelines Last Longer


While other repair methods may fix the initial issue, CIPP repair improves the overall pipeline. CIPP impregnates the existing pipeline with a strong resin material in order to create a new, non-damaged pipe. This new pipeline is not susceptible to common pipeline ailments such as rust. This means that with CIPP not only are your pipelines being repaired, they are also made to last longer than other repair methods.


What was once an extremely destructive and expensive repair process, pipeline repair today has come a long way. CIPP triumphs over the competition because of its endless benefits. Not only is it a trenchless repair process, it’s also cost-efficient and improves your pipeline. When it comes to pipeline repair, there is no better repair process that CIPP. To learn more about the benefits of CIPP contact your local pipe repair experts today.



Why CIPP Pipe Repair Is Taking the Commercial Industry by Storm

CIPP pipe repair continues to increase in popularity, especially when it comes to the commercial industry. Over the past few years, more and more commercial pipelining companies have been exposed to the benefits of trenchless pipeline repair. This because CIPP has proven itself as a time- and cost-efficient pipeline repair method. Here is why CIPP is taking the commercial industry by storm.




One of the fastest ways to become known is to be cost-efficient. CIPP pipe repair is taking the commercial industry by storm because of how efficient it is overall. Every aspect of trenchless pipe repair is geared to saving you money. Being able to repair pipeline in a cost-efficient manner is key to success in the commercial industry. From lowering labor costs to increasing the longevity of the pipeline, it's no surprise that cured-in-place pipelining is a popular choice in the commercial industry.


Fast Repair Process


Many commercial pipelines are in well-populated areas. With traditional pipe repair methods, this can leave a big, disruptive mess and a lot of unhappy people. Because CIPP doesn't require digging, it's an overall faster repair process. Choosing to use a faster repair process is often essential in the commercial repair industry because pipelines can be repaired with little to no disruptions. This means no disrupting the daily flow of work or life just to repair a pipeline.


Longer Periods Between Repairs


CIPP repair doesn't use the same materials as traditional repair methods. CIPP uses a resin material instead of common pipeline metals. This resin lasts substantially longer than metal pipelines because it is not susceptible to rust. Along with the material lasting longer, CIPP is also a trenchless repair method. This means that the ground surrounding the pipeline doesn’t have to be altered in order to expose any pipeline. By using CIPP on commercial pipelines, there are potentially longer periods between repairs, which can be extremely beneficial to the commercial industry and the pipelines.


The benefits of CIPP repair is no secret. That's why it's taking the commercial industry by storm. When it comes to commercial pipeline repair, there is no better choice than CIPP. It's an overall cost-effective repair method that is better for your wallet, landscaping, pipelines, and more. Whether it be for industrial or commercial pipelines, CIPP may be the answer to your pipeline troubles. To learn more about CIPP pipe repair visit Advanced Pipe Repair today.





Why General Contractors Choose Advanced Pipe Repair?

General contractors are responsible for the day-to-day flow of construction sites in order to keep everything running smoothly. As a result, it means communicating with different parties and vendors throughout the course of the entire project. Keeping a job site running efficiently without delay is not an easy task. However, having the right crew and people helps to get the job done. Here are some reasons why general contractors choose Advanced Pipe Repair.


Variety of Services


Advanced Pipe Repair is more than just a pipe repair company. We offer services that bring a variety of benefits to general contractors. Along with repairing and replacing pipelines with no-dig methods, Advanced Pipe Repair also offers preventative services, inspections, manhole rehabilitation, cleanings, and construction managers. With one company, general contractors gain access to technicians that are skilled in all of these services. In turn, it helps to aid general contractors and keep projects running smoothly.


Experienced Technicians


Having experienced and skilled technicians is a key component of an efficient project. Advanced Pipe Repair has over 25 years in the commercial industry. Our technicians are skilled when it comes to assisting general contractors. Not only are our technicians skilled in trenchless pipeline repair, but they also have experience in a variety of other services. This way, they can get more than one component of a project done. With Advanced Pipe Repair, general contractors can hire one skilled company to get multiple jobs done efficiently.


Quality Materials


Along with providing quality services and technicians, Advanced Pipe Repair utilizes quality materials. Quality material is essential to having the work done on a job site last. This means only using materials that are certified, tested, and made to last. At Advanced Pipe Repair, all of our materials meet or exceed standard requirements. The work done on projects is made to last with materials that are made to withstand the elements and last longer than traditional repair materials. With Advanced Pipe Repair, general contractors are getting quality services along with materials that will last.


General contractors have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to running a job site. They have to make sure that every element is moving smoothly and everything gets accomplished on schedule. Having a skilled team is a key element when it comes to general contractor’s success. Advanced Pipe Repair has the team to help general contractors successfully finish projects. Along with having skilled and experienced technicians, we are more than just a pipe repair company. We offer a variety of services from inspections to construction management services. To keep your job site running smoothly, contact Advanced Pipe Repair today.


Benefits of Having a Construction Manager On Site

Construction projects can be extremely overwhelming. There are millions of details that you need keep track of in order to have an overall successful project. Running a construction site means scheduling, planning, providing regular progress reports and much more. As a means to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently, many people turn towards having a construction manager on site. Here are some benefits of having a construction manager on site.


Centralized Communication


Communication is key when it comes to a successful project. As such, the construction manager becomes a centralized hub for communication. He or she keeps all parts of the project on track, and often act as the liaison between contractors, owners, and designers. This clear communication is what lowers potential problems and disputes between different workers. As a result, it enhances the overall construction progress




Fast-tracking is all about maintaining a firm hand on the scope and cost of the project. One benefit of having a construction manager on site is prevention. They often stop small problems from escalating into larger ones. Their attention to detail helps to reduce the overall time to completion by quickly changing orders or altering plans to keep your construction site on track. Construction managers have experience in their industry which allows them to run a project without any hiccups or delays.


Keeps Workers Safe 


There is a level of value that every construction manager brings to a site. Construction managers are present to ensure that certain contractors and subs are following project plans and schedules. Not only do they keep everyone on track, but they also have deep knowledge of job site safety. This keeps everyone safe while getting the job done.


Competitive Bidding


Construction managers are experts when it comes to finding the lowest possible project cost. An on-site construction manager represents the owner during all phases of construction. It also results in negotiating, eliminating conflicts, and finding resolutions to early disputes. Having the right construction manager can substantially lower the overall project cost by simply being able to solve problems that would otherwise go unresolved without a site manager or owner present.



Construction managers are responsible for overseeing an entire project from start to finish. They provide a centralized communication system in order to keep all part of the construction site flowing smoothly and efficiently.  Having a construction manager on site provides owners with a peace of mind that projects are running on schedule and workers are doing what they should. Next time you have a construction project, look into having a construction manager on site to save time, money, and so much more. 



Take Preventative Measure for Your Pipeline

No matter the repair method, no one wants to a damaged pipeline. Luckily, there are now preventative measures to take when it comes to your pipeline. The epoxy coating provides a way to reinforce pipelines in order to keep them flowing smoothly, for longer. Here are some benefits of taking preventative measures with epoxy coating.


Epoxy Coating Eliminates Leaks


Leaks can cause a substantial amount of damage to your property. Not only do they affect the flow and efficiency of your pipelines, but they can also leak potentially dangerous chemicals into the surrounding soil. When pipes leak, they often lead to an extensive repair job. Instead of replacing or repairing pipelines, using an epoxy coating can help eliminate leaks. Epoxy coating helps to reinforce the interior of pipelines to eliminate leaks without having to replace the whole pipeline.


Epoxy Coating is Less Time-Consuming


By taking preventative measures for your pipelines, you eliminate the need for future, time-consuming repairs. No matter what repairs are needed, it takes longer than not having to do any repairs or replacements at all. Epoxy coating helps to increase the amount of time needed in between repairs. Besides that, the overall coating process takes less time than traditional repair methods. Large pipelines can be completely coated within a few days. Choosing to take preventative actions early means spending less time on your pipelines.


Epoxy Coating Increases Your Pipes' Lifespan


All pipelines, just like any other structure, eventually wear down over time. This requires renovations to be done in order to restore pipelines to their fuel efficiency. Not only are these renovations expensive and extensive, but they are often unnecessary. By taking preventative steps with epoxy coating, you can increase your pipelines' overall lifespan. This means repairing pipelines every decade instead of every year.


Your pipelines are essential to the flow of everyday life. When they require repairs, it can often cause some major delays and hiccups. Epoxy coating offers a way to prevent leaky pipes and frequent replacements. It coats the interior of the pipeline in order to reinforce it, prevent corroding, and help keep pipelines flowing for longer. Next time your pipelines require repairs or renovations, there is no better preventative measure to take than the epoxy coating.